Revenge is Sweet
Series: Standalone

Falling in love is the sweetest revenge.

What do you do when your best friend runs off with your fiancée on your wedding day?
If you’re me, Lyon Elliot, you don’t get mad.
You get even.
Which means seducing my ex–best friend’s younger brother, Miles Halloran.
The quiet one.
The man I’ve known all my life but never paid attention to.
The one I was told to stay away from because he’s way too nice for someone like me. Maybe they’re right.
But see, this is where it gets a little more complicated.
Because the more time I spend with Miles, the more I like him.
Want him.
Now I need him and his sweet smiles in my life.

If this is still a game I’m playing…who’s fooling whom?

From Lambda Literary Award-winning author Felice Stevens comes a story of a player who never gets played, until the quiet bookstore owner gives him a prize worth winning—Love.


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